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Remaking the Economy -- Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice

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Jean Schafer

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How Human Trafficking Intersects with Native American Women

Watch this video ( to see how Native American women become victimized in human trafficking. Too many are subsequently missing, murdered -- but never forgotten!

Also, take advantage of learning more about the trafficking of indigenous persons at thi…

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Native Americans and Historical Trauma

There is a growing awareness of the injustices that are woven into U.S. history. HISTORICAL TRAUMA follows them, since their ancestors suffered loss of land, of culture, of language, of religion. They had to adapt to the social norms of a White culture, while mourning the genocide of their ancestors…

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Human Trafficking of Native Americans

Please access the October 2020 'Stop Trafficking' newsletter to learn about the plight of Native Americans and what is being done to reach out to them.

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Jean Schafer

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