May 5th - National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Women, Girls, and 2-Spirit Relatives

Native women face the highest rates of violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault of any group in the United States. On May 5, 2021 President Biden signed an official proclamation bringing attention to the issue. (

Indigenous groups, women, families of the missing and murdered, and allies came together to bring awareness and attention to this ongoing crisis. 

On May 6th there was a widespread problem on Instagram where posts that highlighted the issue were deleted or taken down. Posts we’ve been able to count as deleted range from artwork, videos showing solidarity, resources, and information that highlights organizations who work on this issue. On a day when many Indigenous peoples shared how the epidemic has impacted them, our community, and their families, they were silenced using a platform we have often turned to find community and educate others. (


Erasure of Native peoples and issues is violence and is rooted in white supremacy. Instagram must be held accountable.


We are asking those impacted by this erasure to sign onto a letter that will be sent to Instagram leadership.

Sign Here:

To learn more about the Missing and Murdered Women, Girls, and 2-Spirit epidemic, please visit the organizations below.

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