Women Defenders of the Amazon

I am an advocate for native people far from the U.S.

In April, the Ecuadorian Amazon region was hit by one of the worst oil spills they had recently experienced. Over 120,000 Ecuadorians found their rivers running thick with oil. The rivers, now polluted, are their only source of food and water. Two organizations, ( and AmazonWatch ( revealed that in the last decade, a large number of European banks have provided US$10 billion in trade to finance over 155 million barrels of oil from the Ecuadorian region of the Amazon Sacred Headwaters to refineries in the U.S. 

I signed a petition to urge these banks to stop financing the trade of Amazon crude and remind them to respect Ecuadorian Indigenous communities' call to stop the extraction of oil in the Amazon Sacred Headwaters. 

Over 17,000 people have signed a petition in solidarity with ‘Women Defenders of the Amazon’.
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S. Sheila Novak

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