Illuminatives' Three Year Anniversary

In June 2018 IllumiNative was born from unprecedented research that showed invisibility is the modern form of racism against Native peoples and a primary threat to Native lives and livelihood. We were founded to build power for Native peoples to dismantle invisibility and the racism it fuels by amplifying Native voices, stories, and issues across popular culture, media, and other key sectors of society.

In just three years, IllumiNative has re-educated millions of Americans about who Native peoples are today and sparked a national conversation about the systemic racism we face. We have:  

  • Reached more than 144 million people across social media; 
  • Placed 291 articles and interviews in major media outlets, from the New York Times and Washington Post to People Magazine, Teen Vogue, Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Lifetime, and more.
  • Partnered with 18 major entertainment and media companies to increase pathways for Native talent and representation.

With our partners across Indian Country and by tapping into powerful grassroots networks and telling our stories, we have played a leading role in achieving groundbreaking victories, including:

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